Max Performer Review

Hello and welcome to my max performer review,

As You may already know max performer is my no.1 supplement for male enhancement, in this review I am going to explain why.

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Max Performer is produced by a company called silver blade nutrition and at this current time this is the only product they produce and sell. 


This male enhancement supplement has been very well thought out and the ingredients have been carefully chosen, they are very concentrated and powerful the main ingredients are..

Horney goat weed which is a natural pde5 inhibitor and very well know for its erection enhancing properties and also known to increase energy levels,

Maca which is an aphrodisiac and also increases libido with some extra added health benefits.

korean red ginseng which is another ingredient that boosts energy levels  and is also said to reduce stress levels, anxiety and increases serotonin to make you feel good.

zinc which boosts your testosterone levels increases sperm levels for better orgasms and this also helps your body absorb the other ingredients quicker.

cordyceps is included to increase the thickness and growth of your penis also increasing blood flow and libido.

selenium this increases sperm production and enhances your fertility levels for better fertility and better ejaculations. 

There is also other ingredients included and you can check out the full list of ingredients on my max performer full review.

Dosage Instructions

There are very clear instructions written on the box of max performer it says to take two tablets a day ideally before or with a meal i personally take mine in the morning with my morning smoothie.

for the maximum results with max performer you must not miss days or forget to take these supplements because it will reduce the effectiveness of the supplement. 

although i have never heard of anyone overdosing on these supplements i would advise sticking to guided dosages because some of the included ingredients are very strong.

Max Performer Results

So as you may have already read on my website Max performer is my #No1 choice when it comes to male enhancement supplements, I will now explain to you why…

I have tested a lot of different brand’s of these kind of supplements and don’t get me wrong some of the other brands are pretty damn good and some give you great results and some don’t work at all which give the brands that do work a bad name. The results I got from Max Performer were incredible Im not 100% sure why? I think it must be because the Ingredients in Max Performer are quite strong and obviously a good variety.

max performer actually increased my erection quality massively but it also increased my penis thickness and made it hang bigger when flaccid and bigger when erect. max performer boosted my libido, sex drive, stamina increased my ejaculations and also helped with my control during sex this is the supplement that I have had the best overall results from. As well as the sexual gains I also noticed I had better energy levels all of the time and felt good in myself.

So overall max performer is a very good choice for male enhancement.


Although max performer worked incredibly well it is still a daily supplement and does take time to start to work its not an instant solution it needs to build up in your system for you to feel the real results. 

It is also not a permanent fix for sexual problems you do have to keep taking it for it to keep working.